Deep Thoughts with Papa Shockley

Posted on March 24, 2016 at 7:53 pm No Comment

I get this question a ton:  Why CrossFit?

Well, back in 2007 I started doing CrossFit with my friend Chris Bledsoe.  I was getting fatter and cruising past 40.  When we started I would do it with my Friends.  If Chris could not make it, I would just skip that day too.  If you don’t learn anything else, just remember: CrossFit=Friendships.  Those days of meeting and doing a body weight WID at the ELCA track are long past, BUT that’s how it Started around here.

Amy and I opened CrossFit Pulse in June of 2009 because to share CrossFit with our community.  Over the years our gym has certainly done that!  Friends have joined us and new friendships have developed over the years at CF Pulse.  Last year two friends, Mallory and Cam, hopped in the driver’s seat.  Since then we have enjoyed a multitude of new friendships and have had the time to cultivate old friendships further.   I AM BACK TO DOING WHAT I SET OUT TO IN THE FIRST PLACE …. CrossFitting WITH my Friends.  I know some of you and your kids well.  Some of you I am just getting to know.  But I am always impressed by the efforts I see of the folks at our gym.  The people make the gym what it is.  I am always looking forward to seeing smiling, sweaty faces each time I walk up that ramp.

To Me, CrossFit is a lifestyle, and it’s just what I do.  It is not who I am.  I have been fortunate enough to qualify and compete in the CrossFit Games for several years.  Again, it’s something I do, but it’s not who I am.  To compete at that level is a choice one has to make and then it becomes who you are because one has to commit about 3 hours per day to training and everything in your life revolves around your training.  Everything you eat, drink, and do becomes critical to your success at the Games …. EVERYTHING.  Sleep, even becomes something you have to plan for.  I have had fun during the times I have traveled to California, and I might even try to go again one day.  This year, I did not train for the games, but just did the prescribed workouts at Pulse and said “ whatever happens, happens”.  I enjoy working out with you guys.  Games training is a different beast.  I say all that to reiterate what I said earlier.  I do CrossFit with my friends.  That’s what I enjoy.  I enjoy seeing Brandy push herself into that “bad place” where nobody wants to go.  I love seeing families like the Rush’s all get in the gym together.  I love seeing that first timer experience their first WOD, and I love seeing Kathy get her first HSPU.  I love seeing Matt and Cody push themselves daily and set new PR’s way past anything they might have imagined.  I love seeing a big crowd on Friday night cheer for the folks being challenged by Open WOD.  I love seeing a family cheer for their mom.  I love seeing former NFL players, a mom of 6, and a marathon runner doing the same workout.  I love seeing Delany, Jody, David, Ann and John destroy workouts.  I tip my hat to Mary Jane, Steven, and Atha, and the crazy folks that get up at 4:00 am to get in their workouts.  I love hearing Karen, Jason, Chris, and Katy talk CrossFit at the soccer fields.  I love it when Trey beats Dave.  I also love what CrossFit has done for Amy, Me, and kids.

Now there are thousands of CrossFit gym around the world, and only .000006 % of Crossfitters make it to the CrossFit games.  So to me, CrossFit is the other 99.999994 % of the folks that don’t compete in the games.  It’s really just back to me and my friends, and my future friends.  And that is what keeps me coming back everyday.

Thanks CrossFit Pulse for EIGHT great years of friendships.

See you there at 8:15 tomorrow.